Red Red Bobbin Classes & Workshops

We believe that quilt making is a form of self-expression that need not be limited to the choices made by others. To that end our classes & workshops are designed to empower you to pursue your own quilt ideas while learning the skills required to accomplish your vision.   To register just click on the word REGISTER in each class description.

Figure out where you sit from the following (+ means the course spans 2 levels but hey, You be the judge!! )

Beginner - I’ve never made a quilt before.     

Novice - I’ve done some piecing and I’m adventurous.

Intermediate Plus - I’m ready for a challenge

General Course Requirements include a working sewing machine, rotary cutter and ruler, pins, thread, scissors. Tools are available for purchase in the shop and we will be glad to help you find the right ones for you.

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