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Quilting Services

We prefer to see a quilt in person before providing final quotes as the construction and use of fabric will depend on the complexity. If you have any questions please call us directly. To help you start the process  please complete the work order form below and we will reach out to you for more details and information.  You can download a copy of our workorder here.

Start Work Order

Quilting Style: price/sq ft

  1.  Simple Overall: $3.75. Hearts or Stars & Loops, Gizmo, Firebird, Surf’s Up, Baptist Swirl, Basic Scribble, Joust. Ask to see more.

  2.  Advanced Overall: $4.50. Patterns include Irish Swirl, Cirque du Soleil, Time Flies, Nouveau Scallops. Lots available

  3.  Intensive Overall or Block by Block: $5.95.

  4.  Custom: Creatively marrying your pieced beauty with our quilting artistry. Individually priced based on design, intensity & aesthetic  requirements.

Thread Colour:

  • Top

  • Bobbin


  • Customer provided: Min. 4” all sides required. Surcharge for “fat” batts.

  • Hobbs 80/20 stocked & sold by inch


  • Customer provided: Min. 4” all sides required.

  • Red Red Bobbin selection


  • Customer to do

  • RRB Options

Design Rate:

  • Applies to seam repair, pressing & thread clipping, serging, pre-washing, tight dead-lines, & boo-boo fixes: $25.00/hr.


We are a professional long-arm quilting service. We are hands-on and integrally involved in the artistic integrity of your quilt. This means that your finished quilt will be humanly imperfect and artistically real: as the Amish knew only God makes anything perfect. The above is for estimated costs only. Once all of the details of the quilt design are finalized you will get a firm price that we will honour unless you change the scope of the work.

Thanks! We’ll send you a follow up shortly.

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