Quilting Services

We prefer to see a quilt in person before providing final quotes as the construction and use of fabric will depend on the complexity. If you have any questions please call us directly. 

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Quilting Style: price/sq ft

  1.  Simple Overall: $3.75. Hearts or Stars & Loops, Gizmo, Firebird, Surf’s Up, Baptist Swirl, Basic Scribble, Joust. Ask to see more.

  2.  Advanced Overall: $4.50. Patterns include Irish Swirl, Cirque du Soleil, Time Flies, Nouveau Scallops. Lots available

  3.  Intensive Overall or Block by Block: $5.95.

  4.  Custom: Creatively marrying your pieced beauty with our quilting artistry. Individually priced based on design, intensity & aesthetic  requirements.

Thread Colour:

  • Top

  • Bobbin


  • Customer provided: Min. 4” all sides required. Surcharge for “fat” batts.

  • Hobbs 80/20 stocked & sold by inch


  • Customer provided: Min. 4” all sides required.

  • Red Red Bobbin selection


  • Customer to do

  • RRB Options

Design Rate:

  • Applies to seam repair, pressing & thread clipping, serging, pre-washing, tight dead-lines, & boo-boo fixes: $25.00/hr.


We are a professional long-arm quilting service. We are hands-on and integrally involved in the artistic integrity of your quilt. This means that your finished quilt will be humanly imperfect and artistically real: as the Amish knew only God makes anything perfect. The above is for estimated costs only. Once all of the details of the quilt design are finalized you will get a firm price that we will honour unless you change the scope of the work.

Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.